Designed to horizontally convey all bulk products (dry and moist grains, seeds, meals, and powders), granular and powdery materials in general, over long distances.
This new series is entirely made of press-bent and bolted sheet metal galvanized by the SENDZIMIR Process.
Made of modular galvanized sheet metal elements, press bent and reinforced at the side near the parts fixing the supports of the head shaft. The shaft is mounted on positional ball bearings fitted on a grey cast iron support. The head is complete with an anti-flooding hatch behind the unit itself and cleaning brush near the head outlet.
On request, it is possible to fit a micro which signals clogging on the panel by switching on a warning light. The equipment is also complete with an inspection window above the head which can act as an aspiration point if necessary. The normal version also includes an unloaded spout.
Control unit:
Consists of an electricmotor plus gear-box with parallel axes, appropriately dimensioned suitable at 220/380 volts with chain drive.The protective casing of the transmission unit is made of riveted galvanized sheet metal. The support plate of the gear- motor is fixed to the head by 4 threaded stud bolts enabling easy maintenance. The drive unit is sufficiently small in size.
Made of galvanized press-bent steel sheet. The bottom is completely bolted for easy maintenance. The return runner is obtained by coupling two appropriately spaced T sections which enables the product, growth forward by the chain, to drop without being dragged. The convert of the casing are entirely watertight. The standard lengths are 1550 mm. and 2000 mm.
The chain is the Mille type with graphitized nylon blades, while the central part of the chain is in C40 steel. This particular type of patented chain is able to achieve high speeds while maintaining the noise level below 90 decibels.
Terminal part:
Made by press-bending galvanized sheet metal to obtain modular bolted together. The terminal shaft is mounted on oscillating ball bearings fixed on grey cast iron supports. The chain tension system is the conventional type with a threaded bar, nut and check null. The terminal part is completed with a window in order to inspect the gear-box.
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