Optical sorting machines (Color sorters), with the latest hardware and software technologies, are used to clean seeds, grains, food products and industrial products. Cimbria’s product range includes color sorters with RGB and multi-wavelength infrared sensors designed for the most complex color-based sorting applications. The main objective of color sorting machines is to improve product quality.

The color sorter can be used to:

– Separation of product contamination based on color.
– Separation of product contamination detectable in IR and UV spectrum
– Separation of opaque from transparent materials.
– Separation of product contamination based on shape and size.

Features of the products to be sorted:
The color sorter can separate the product based on their color, seeing even the slightest difference in their shade.

Our most advanced design.
Our most innovative visual sorter.
It uses an advanced set of optical cameras that offers the highest classification accuracy.

Much more than “full color”
Advanced optical cameras combined with NIR and InGaAs technology for improved performance and excellent quality.

High technology “made easy”
The strictest food industry standards are met in an easy-to-use machine.

Over performance!
The ideal solution for the food sorting and recycling industry.