Ensuring top quality at all levels, along with reducing the energy footprint and the business operating costs, is our top priority.

Seeds of

We undertake agro-industrial projects of all scales and offer complete solutions: from design, development and construction, all the way to installation and technical support. Our services are tailor-made to fit each customer’s profile. From single machinery items to complete processing lines and large-scale projects, we utilize cutting edge technologies to deliver excellence.


Our corporate philosophy is driven by our interest in the people that honor us with their trust. By maintaining a purely customer-centric approach to the way we work, we manage to offer solutions that optimize the efficiency of our partners. At the same time, based upon the principles of sustainability, we promote and implement policies that contribute to energy saving and environmental protection.


Customer-centric culture


Our aim is to continue to offer top services in the agro-industrial industry, making our name synonymous with excellence. At the same time, to constantly develop services and enrich our know-how to become better and more effective for our clients.


The investment you make today, choosing the right storage equipment for your products, is the best guarantee of your success tomorrow. Knowing how important our role is in helping you achieve your business goals, recognizing the great responsibility we hold every time you choose us, we do our best to prove more than worthy of that trust.
This is our mission: to offer you the quality you deserve, so that you in turn can maximize the quality of your products. A mission that we carry out successfully, through commitment, consistency, and hard work.

Growing up

At Delta Pi we are always up for new challenges, looking for ways that will allow us to expand, grow and become even better, more competitive, and more effective. Behind every step we take, there is a constant motivation to improve the service we provide to all those who trust us.

In this context, and to further develop our areas of activity, in 2010 we proceeded to create two different departments, that together form our company.

We build long lasting and trustful relationships with you. These relationships begin the moment you choose us for your business needs and keep evolving throughout the construction stage, and long after the completion of the project. This means that our role does not end with the delivery of the project.


Instead, we are committed to providing comprehensive after-sales support and offering our expertise to resolve any issues that arise along the way. Our experienced and highly trained people are at your disposal, ready to take action to identify faults and address them in a timely manner, minimizing project downtime and losses.

What do we achieve? We add value to your investment by maximizing the lifetime of your mechanical equipment, contributing to the long-term viability of your business.

Together we grow the seeds of success and we’re there helping you reap the benefits.

Delta Pi Timeline


Initial founding of the company under the commercial name ¨VASILIOS PAPADOPOULOS - NIKOLAOS DIMITRIADIS OE' and the distinctive title DELTA-PI, with headquarters in the center of Thessaloniki.

Purchase of a plot of land in Sindos Industrial Area and construction of offices and production facilities of 500m².

Relocation to the new building The company changes its corporate form to S.A., and its distinctive title accordingly.

An extension is added to the production area

The company takes over its first ever project abroad

Purchase of a second building (1000 m2) in Sindos Industrial Area

The new generation joins the Board

Founding of Delta Pi Domiki and Delta Pi Systems

We celebrated the company's 40th anniversary



  • Delta Pi’s premises are located in Thessaloniki’s Industrial Area of Sindos, featuring state-of-the-art corporate facilities, and spanning over 2,000 sq.m. ​

  • Making excellent use of all modern means, top notch infrastructure and technological equipment of advanced automation, we are committed to meeting all requirements of contemporary agro-industrial projects.


Throughout these years, DELTA PI, in order to face the growing demands of its customers and in order to expand our activity, has developed additional areas that make up the DELTA PI team.

consists of:


Study, design, construction and sale of specific industrial equipment.
Study, engineering design, sale and assembly of complete plants in the field of storage, drying, distribution, processing and conservation of cereals and oil seeds plants.


Study, design, supervision and construction of specifics civil works


Optimization and control of processes and systems, automation, and application development

Your success in
good hands

Human resources
Organization chart

DELTA PI also has an exclusive partnership with the best European companies in the field of agro-industry. We are exclusive partners of the following companies for the Greek market:

AtDelta Piwe invest in human resources.

Our skilled, fully experienced, and highly trained scientific and technical staff, is the key element of success behind every project we undertake, showcasing a high sense of responsibility. Thanks to our personnel, we are confident that we deliver solid, top-quality projects, consistently and safely.

Our people contribute to the achievement of the company’s vision and goals. And we are forever thankful to them for that.