The horizontal peeler NF 15-P is ideal for removing the husk of products such as wheat, rice, durum wheat, barley, minimizing grain breakage to the maximum.
This process allows the extermination of bacteria and the reduction of ash in flour derived from dehusked cereals.
The machine is equipped with a loading hopper with a feeding regulator for the product to be processed. At the outlet there is an adjustable system that allows changing the time the grains stay inside the machine and therefore the level of peeling.
Built into the structure is a fan that blows air inside the rotor made of abrasive material, which through the openings in the surface, allows for easier removal of dust from the peeling chamber.
This machine is usually combined with a pneumatic conveyor that allows the removal of dust and at the same time keeps the peeler under negative pressure avoiding the escape of dust into the environment.
Heavy-duty construction.