Silos areation system with metallic channels in the flat or conical bottom base of the silos

It consists of a system of channels and grids of standard dimensions made by galvanized sheet. The arrangement of channels at the base of the silo is designed to achive a uniform ventilation of the silo. The channels are embedded in the concrete base of the silo and are specially designed so that perforated grates are placed on them which allow perfect ventilation of the silo and at the same time prevent the grain from falling into the underlying channel. The channels are installed during the construction phase of the silo base. The channels remain after the construction of the base, and special grids for ventilation of the silo are placed on them.

Easy installation during the construction of the concrete slab, reducing time and cost of the channels construction.

It is possible to place the channels both on a flat or conical silo base, but also in a horizontal warehouse using special heavy-duty grids.