The storage and preservation of cereals implies various sensitive issues both for maintaining the quality of the product and for the economic and energy management of the agri-food activity.
An effective and modern refrigeration system is the best answer to problems such as loss of product by drying, proliferation of fungi and insects, as well as fermentation and provides both eco-sustainability and economic savings.

The key points and advantages of the grain cooling system are:
– Improvement of product quality
– Elimination/reduction of pesticides
– Lower storage costs (compared to traditional systems)
– Less weight loss during the storage period
– Energy saving in drying cycles

Our Coolers are able to satisfy every type of need:
– Air flow from 19.900 m3/h up to 39,800 m3/h
– Refrigeration power from 20 kW up to 356 kW
– Single silo capacity from 300 tons to 10,000 Ton

MARCOLD Industrial Coolers