– The sifter of pulsed centrifugal operation is the ideal complement to the stone mills of whole grain.

– It gives the possibility of receiving a very good sifted product with a high yield.

– Minimal Power absorption required.

– Reduced overall dimensions.

– Allows the selection of different types of flours and bran

– A scew conveyor at the bottom of the sieve convey the product to the outlet

Operation: The product enters in a rotating cylinder to which three sieves of different cross-sections are fitted. As the product passes over the surface of the sieves, it is separated according to grain size and collected in special bags which are fitted to outletsunder the sifter.

The whole structure is made of welded steel and it is furnace painted with non-toxic and food approved contact paints.

A rotor operating by centrifugal stainless steel pulsation is set up on ball dust-proof bearings.

– Three different discharge spouts with latches and bag ties, for 3 types of flour and one at the end for bran

– Quickly and easily substitution of the sieves.

– Electrical gear-motor with pulleys and belts