Cylindrical screening machines are used for sorting and grading of seeds and cereals (grain, maize, sunflower seed, rice etc.) and generally granular products (recycling products). The incoming material is sorted according to its width (round per- foration) and respectively its thickness (slotted perforation). All kernels thinner than the screen holes fall through the screen, and all thicker kernels remaining in the screening cylinder are transported to the end-outlet.
By means of the permanent circulation of the product and the resulting centrifugal force, each kernel is forced to be in contact with the screen perforation, enabling sorting operations to be carried out with high accuracy.
The single cylinders built as self supporting steel constructions can be joined in various configurations by means of the simple modular system, so that a huge spectrum of sorting targets can be covered. For example, cylindrical screening machines are mainly used for the calibration of maize seed (4 – 6 grades). Thus, the sorting section of the largest maize seed processing plant in the world, currently, (status 2005) is entirely equipped with Cimbria Heid cylinders.
Through the use of vibrating troughs, deflector boxes and dis- charge hoppers, gentle handling of the product and complete self emptying at the process-end are guaranteed.
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