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The conventional palletizing systems type LS and TS are extremely versatile, designed and dedicated for all types of application, for bags, bundles and boxes.
The palletizers Paglierani mod. LS (with load from below) are ideal, for the composition of perfectly aligned and stable pallets, even when it is required for bags with pourable and granulated products as feed, maize, wheat, etc.with the best ratio value for maney.
Their modular construction and the wide range of accessories coupled to make them efficient and reliable and will maximize and optimize the performance.
In addition, they can be integrated into complete lines and comply with international safety standards.
Delta-Pi in collaboration with Paglierani ensures an efficient and fast technical assistance both online or with their technicians on site in a very short time.
The palletizers Paglierani are designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy where Paglierani has a technical department continuously dedicated to the research and development, departments of robotic machining, CNC machining centers, sandblasting and painting departements, electrical division and the most efficient Italian support.