– Tripe Grid discharger RS driven by 1.1 kw – 21 rpm gear motor with brake and limit switch.
– Discharging speed adjustable through hand wheel. Standard RS:
– 3-10 mm pellets, maximum length 30 mm.
– Incl. pneumatic clean out.
– Rotary valve 350, stainless steel, 0.75 kw – 28 rpm gear motor
– Hood and bin walls: stainless steel with mild steel reinforcements, hard glass inspection door with door switch
– Product distributor: stationary and adjustable
– Two product sensors: rotating, with holder for adjustment
– Hopper: with central outlet, 250×250 mm
– Surface treatment: spray-coated with one layer of ZF coating high build cream RAL 1015
– Pneumatic discharger closes when power fails In this way the machine can be lubricated without stop the motor.
Extractor motor drive 1,1 kW
Capacity from 3 ton/h to 30 ton/h
Cooling surface from 1,96  to  7,84 m²
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