Whole grain stone mill Mod.MB-250
Suitable for dry and not oily products.
The stones are made of hard, durable material and produce soft, light and not overheated flour.
– Cereals: wheat, barley, rice, oats, corn, rye
– Legumes: beans, lentils, peas
– Spices: pepper, paprika, salt, coffee
The Stones are made by exclusively natural materials such as emery and flint and the binding agent is a quality of magnesite, they are solid and have excellent resistance to wear, which means a long life.
Stone Mill MB250 is built on strong welded stainless steel frame, resulting in elevated robustness.
The hopper has a load capacity of about 20 kg and granules fall inside through an adjustable system.
The fineness degree of the flour can be adjusted using a wheel that regulates the distance between the stones (nearer or larger). The upper stone is fixed, while the lower one is rolling and rotates by means of trapezoidal transmission belts. Motor Power: 1,5 kW which can be supplied single phase 230 Volts or three phase 400 Volts.
The rolling stone is equipped with two small brushes to make easier the cleaning and the emptying of the grinding chamber.
The centrifugal Sifter BD 150 is the ideal completion for the Stone Mills, in case you need to sieve the wholemeal flour
It makes possible obtaining a high output with high percentage of extraction. A minimum driving power absorption is required.
The Sifter has very small overall dimensions, suitable to place on it our Stone Mill MB-250 and it works efficiently and simply.
This machine combines the great flexibility of the flow diagram with the very simple and quick interchangeability of sieves.
It allows to obtain three different selections: two types of flour and bran.
The whole structure is in welded and furnace painted steel. A rotor, operating by centrifugal pulsation, is set up on ball dust-proof bearings.
There are not brushes in contact with the sieves that can cause mesh wear and so meshes have long duration and high reliability.
The Sifter is equipped with three separate discharge outlets to sack the different flours.
Every discharge spout is filled with nozzles and leather lacers.
The Sifter is driven by a single phase 230 Volts – 0,12 KW electric motor, directly coupled with the shaft.
The machine is equipped with safety switches on each small door which block the functioning in case of opening.