Project: Storage and Cleaning Barley installation
Storage Capacity: 9.000 Ton
Handling Capacity: 40 Ton/h
Pre – Cleaning – Cleaning Capacity: 35 Ton/h – 6 Ton/h

9.000 Ton Silo complex for barley, incl. pre-cleaning and cleaning system with Delta 143.1, automatic process control weight, conveying system 40 Ton/h, sub-product silo 230 Ton, waste product silo 30 Ton, aeration system, temperature control system, sweep auger, complete electrical installation, MCC, PLC, PC Control.
Conveying system from the the storage plant to the germination plant.
Special conveying system inside the germination plant (Inox – AISI 304)
Conveying system from germination plant to the malt storage silo.