Project: Cereal/raw material storage and production facility for premix, animal feed and animal feed concentrates

Premix production: 4 Ton/h

Production of feed concentrates: 6 Ton/h

Premix production line with a capacity of 2-4 Ton/h with No. 9 positions of mega bags with dosing screws and micro-materials – vitamins addition system.

Dosing system with central weighing hopper, horizontal stainless steel mixer of industrial type with quick discharge system and oil addition network, vibrating screen and system for bagging bags and mega bags.

Complete electrical installation, MCC, PLC and plant and warehouse management program.

Feed production line and feed concentrates with a capacity of 6 Ton/h, with grain and flour products silo, industrial vertical hammer mill, raw material dosing silo, double dosing system with No. 2 weighing hoppers, industrial type horizontal mixer with rapid discharge system and oil/molasses network, automatic bag and big-bag bagging system.

Complete electrical installation, MCC, PLC and management program.

3 Grain storage silos of 5,000 m³, with 100 Ton/h handling system, ventilation system, remote telethermometric system, permanent rotating extractors, complete electrical installation, MCC, PLC.

Animal feed production plant with a capacity of 10 Ton/h, with a grain and flour silo with a total capacity of 500 m³, industrial hammer mill, dosimetry containers for raw materials, dosing system with a weighing hopper, an industrial-type horizontal mixer with a rapid discharge system, pellet mill installation, molasses network, silo of ready products.